Sooo proud of this one!! Our “Planning A Wedding During Covid” Online Course!

December 17, 2020 / CJDE Class


After working with our 2020 Couples through postponements, rescheduling and the new Intimate Weddings, we have learned a lot but even more importantly, we LISTENED.

We listened to their needs and concerns. We HEARD them; all while juggling the constantly changing regulations specifically speaking to the Chicagoland area and Midwest.

As Wedding Planners, we worked right alongside fellow industry professionals to do right by our Clients. As Designers and Florists, we reimagined spaces to still exude the same warmth and “specialness” that only a Wedding can deliver.

As we now speak to the newly engaged, after countless consults with new inquiries and Clients; the sentiment has been the same. Stress. Confusion. Excitement & Sadness. Pause. Hopefulness.

The result is this Course (and Pre-Sale is Live now HERE!)  that is unlike any other Course format and virtual planning guide. Kendall, Katy and I have POURED every learning into each module in an effort to reach the masses, in a way my personalized hands-on-approach doesn’t allow.

Because of the time we spend with our Clients, I lead as a Full Service Planner less than 12 weddings a year. Yet, it’s these 12 families and relationships (and lucky for me, more than 12, due to my team’s individual Client lists) that fills me up.

This course is CJDE’s solution to helping those who are engaged and expected to be married in 2021 or 2022. We want these couples to know that they can and WILL have the wedding of their dreams. It may look different; but now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to stop progress out of fear of not knowing what to do next or pause because you think you have time to plan. Or think that you have to pause celebrating your marriage only because you were engaged during Covid.

My goal with this course, alongside some of the very best of the best in the Midwest Wedding industry, is to share what I’ve deemed “Covid Considerations” with as many couples as possible. If you do the work within this course, my brides or grooms, you can and will have the wedding you deserve!

My 5 step process will see you through, alongside monthly live calls.

Pre-sale is live now! Let’s Get. You. Married!


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