Principal Planner, Creative Director

I am a former advertising executive who worked at two of Chicago’s largest ad agencies, DraftFCB and Leo Burnett. I have worked on 100’s of TV commercials (in both English and Spanish) and feel blessed to have worked in an industry that exposed me to both client and project management, at the highest most prestigious levels.

I loved this fast-paced world but was not challenged creatively and craved a more personable career. Making the jump to events and floral design was the biggest and most fulfilling leap I have ever made. Everyday I feel like I’m living a dream, working with clients I adore and respect with a team I proudly call family.

Having mastered timelines and budget management on a large scale in advertising, event planning was a natural career move. Coupled with my floral expertise I wanted to present my clients with this unique holistic approach to planning and event design. It’s this one-stop-shop mentality that puts my clients at ease, and challenges me to do and be more with each and every event.

I’m described as having a very calm and cheerful demeanor. Like my beautiful Thai mother, at 5’1” I’m small and pack a punch.

I’m told my laugh can distinguishbly be heard down the hall. I believe there is no ask that is too big, no goal too high. I’ve built a beautiful growing business in a short period of time and haven’t stopped challenging myself since our storefront doors have opened.

Down to my core, I love what I do. I love my team and my clients.

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