I’m Christine and it’s SO nice to meet you.

Thank you for are inviting us to celebrate your most special, personal and happiest of days. Nobody knows you better than family; meet the hand-selected members of mine, who produce only the most beautiful of affairs. Executed only at the highest of quality led with precision and heart.

I built a business to produce work I’m proud of.  For Client’s whose life milestones deserve heart, creativity and expertise.

With a team who treats CJDE like their own.

Have you ever walked into a room and just FEEL it. The colors in the flowers and lighting evoke emotion. The touch of a vintage champagne coupe as you sip a hand-crafted cocktail, while you’re led by a smiling team from one room to another? You feel taken care of and whether you’re the Groom or great aunt, come Wedding day, you feel like the room has somehow morphed into an all senses experience that somehow personifies a couple.

I do not produce cookie-cutter events. I produce events that exude what makes that celebrant the very special person or couple that they are.

And have built a business around it.

I believe being a wedding planner makes me a better designer, and vice versa. The merging of such a personal business combined with my expertise within event design and flowers, is what makes CJDE unique. And after a career in Advertising, having loved the meticulous process of project management, I have built a planning business using the same principles.

Today, I have produced over 200 weddings over the last 10 years. I believe in quality over quantity and am beyond proud of the client relationships I have built into friendships.

Meet The team

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