You’re engaged! You are celebrating with family and friends and the wedding excitement and many questions have begun.

When are you getting married? What type of wedding do you want? What are your colors, who will be in your bridal party? 

And of course the endless  suggestions from newly engaged and married friends and family.

It is easy to get overwhelmed at the beginning of your wedding planning process as you pickup every bridal magazine and create your Pinterest Boards. Before worrying too much about what to do next, I can’t recommend enough  taking a weekend alone with your fiancé to just you two talk about your day.

Engagement Photo Chicago Cheryl and Andrew


As part the CJDE Wedding Planning process we encourage our couples to take this time to think big as we guide them through our “Dream Big Wedding Kick-off” questions. The sky is the limit when you sit down and think through your wedding day for the very first time – you can and will scale back later.

A few questions to get you started:

1) What do we want our wedding to feel like? Formal? Casual? Romantic? Intimate?

2) What time of year is your favorite? When would you like to get married?

3) What places are special to us that we would like to incorporate into our wedding?

4) If you had to describe your wedding in 3 words, what would they be?

I encourage you both to take this time and have fun with it. Stay in, open a bottle of wine, and dream up the most perfect day just for you two.

By doing this at the beginning of your engagement, when you do talk with your parents, friends and family you will have already taken the time to truly think through what is important to you two. As this is the number one most important thing to focus on throughout the planning process.

For our full wedding planning kick-off questions and help with your wedding planning, please email me at I can’t wait to hear from you! 


Photography: Ryan Timm Photography

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