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Enjoy YOUR Engagement: Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Your Wedding celebration is one (epic!) weekend long. If you aren’t enjoying your wedding planning for the 365 +/- days prior you aren’t working with your best Chicago wedding planner. See how we stressed "your"?

We’re Chicago Wedding Planners who specialize in personalized wedding experiences.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to type into The Knot, Google (or let’s be honest, ChatGBT)

“Chicago Dream Wedding, 200 Guests, Best Vendors > GO” and out came an itemized list of what to do and who to work with?

With another online generated list outlining “How to not just create designs that speak to your style and vision but a to-do list that will save you time, stress and money?”

That is *not* how Wedding Planning works.

To enjoy your wedding planning AND wedding day you need a Wedding Planner who is also an experiential event designer. Someone who understands your investment and will manage both your time and budget effectively.

You not just need but deserve a wedding planner who provides exclusivity and originality to their Clients and their Client's Weddings.

When you’re ready to…

  • Work with someone who values your time, efficiently managing your planning process with meticulous attention to detail. Each planner has no more than 10 Clients a year; work with CJDE so we can focus on your wedding so you can focus on your engagement and life. 
  • Walk into your wedding that looks and feels like the ultimate creative expression of You and your Partner
  • Work with someone you trust implicitly, knowing with confidence that they have your best interest at heart. All while maximizing value without compromising quality. 
  • Give your family and friends an exceptional guest experience fueled with originality incorporating unique elements that set your wedding apart.

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Our Services

Ready to swap wasted time for expert guidance? Please stop worrying about “what you are not thinking of” for your Wedding. This is the one time in your life where all of your loved ones, from both sides of your family, will be in one place to celebrate YOU. 

Let’s get it right with our Wedding Planning leading you to the best day of your life.

Full Service Wedding Planning

This Couple is looking for a trusted partner in wedding planning, someone who understands their vision and works collaboratively to execute it with precision. They seek a seasoned experiential wedding designer with production expertise and the tact to offer constructive feedback when necessary, always acting in their best interest. With a CJDE Chicago Wedding Planner as your ally, your dream celebration becomes a stress-free reality, tailored to your preferences.


Access to our Wedding Management Software + Mobile App with unique logins for all event managers

Signature CJDE Design Plan; with actionable next steps that separate other Chicago Wedding Planner’s “mood boards” from our Wedding Architect's Blueprint.

Recommendations to the best wedding vendors in the industry, while CJDE manages every vendor contract and payment schedule…and more!


Partial Wedding Planning

This Couple shares the same values and goals as our Full Service Couple however is looking to take on more of the day-to-day management. This service provides an option to swap time invested for planning dollars spent. Best for those couples who already have their wedding date and venue, this couple is looking for wedding design,production expertise and wedding execution and seeks a guided wedding planning experience that they help bring to fruition.


An onboarding meeting to set you up for success immediately following securing CJDE as your Partial Wedding Planner

Following this kick-off, your planning services will begin 6-months prior to your wedding date

Signature CJDE Design Plan; with actionable next steps that separate other Chicago Wedding Planner’s “mood boards” from our Wedding Architect's Blueprint.


Day-Of Wedding Coordination

This couple looks for more than just 'day-of coordination'; they seek the comprehensive expertise of our Event Management services at CJDE. Led by our dedicated Event Manager and Coordinator Team, our commitment starts three months in advance. This extended timeline not only enables us to make a meaningful impact on your wedding preparations before the 'month of' stress kicks in but also fosters a trusted relationship with you, your fiancé, and your family. We strive to be your trusted representatives on your special day."


At CJDE, our commitment to offering clients a complete and seamless wedding planning experience means that our Day-of Wedding Coordination services are exclusively available to clients who also choose CJE as their wedding florist. This ensures that you not only receive professional coordination but also benefit from a harmonious and cohesive wedding design and planning process.

Starting At:



Corporate & Social

Whether you're celebrating life's joyful moments like Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, baby and bridal showers or orchestrating corporate events such as holiday parties or fundraising galas, CJDE is your trusted partner in event planning and coordination.

Our services cater to events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale affairs. We specialize in every detail of event planning, from scouting and selecting the perfect venue to crafting a memorable event design and managing budgets. Our expertise extends to innovative catering and cocktail design, vendor coordination, and seamless event setup and management.

At CJDE, customization and guest experience are our top priorities. We strive to create events that are uniquely tailored to you, leaving your guests with a lasting impression that your event was truly a reflection of your personality and style. Your guests will leave feeling that the event was not just special but authentically Your Brand.

Let's plan your party

What Happens Next?


Questionnaire & Kick-Off!

Proposal Review




This is when we review in greater detail our CJDE Planning and Design services, outlining the entire scope of our process so you leave this meeting feeling excited and empowered to get started with us by your side. It is this meeting where we really start to see your wedding story unfold (and become even more giddy at the opportunity to creatively explore further!).

After you submit our contact form, a CJDE team member will promptly reply to set up a consultation. During this time we begin to distill down the 3 most important facets of your wedding day and together determine if we are as good of a match as you and your fiancé! If we both feel “I do” we schedule your customized proposal review to discuss the fine print of planning your dream wedding.

You said “Yes!” to CJDE in which we immediately onboard you into our wedding planning management software by asking you to, together, complete your wedding welcome questionnaire. Pour yourself some champagne; this is the most fun exercise! Your preliminary wedding budget review will follow as well as your first monthly check-in…and the fun has officially begun.

let's work together

We’re Chicago Wedding Planners who manage the complex to deliver the exceptional.

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