As I peer out my window on this cold, gray Chicago winter day, I can’t help but feel warm, bright and to be quite honest:


Building close relationships, Trusted friendships, with my Clients and fellow industry friends has always been at the core of why I built CJDE. I love the parties and all of the over-the-top opulence of what I get to dream and produce day in and day out. 

But always at its core, it was about making people feel special. 

Slowing things down, pausing time. To look at those we love straight in the eye and be in the moment. Living and breathing and celebrating just why we adore and cherish them so much. Pausing life’s busy moments to celebrate something so pure as a marriage.

A birthday.

An anniversary. Friendship. A job well done.

What do all of these celebrations have in common? Relationships. And the beautiful intertwining of how they make us feel. 

People often ask me what my favorite part of the wedding or party planning process is. You’ll be surprised to hear it’s not the flowers (gasp!). It’s not even my love for champagne or music and dancing or any individual piece of the glitz and glam puzzle. 

It’s the relationships I get to build by doing this magical job. It’s the slowing things down. Going through the party planning “process” of knowing in my heart and my Clients, what’s important to them. What’s going to celebrate them in the divine unique way that could only be their story. 

Connecting with them, before, during and well after the party. 

This is why Colleen, Kendall and I have started this newsletter. Let’s call it, the after party, shall we?! 

Our relationship with you, cherished friend, goes beyond the timelines, budgets, details and design. We forever want to continue the conversation with you to be even the smallest reminder of your most special days that have come and gone.

Reminding you, of all the celebrations big and small, in your future. 

I view this newsletter as a way to keep in touch, and if I can inspire you to stop, pause and throw some party into your day then WOW. This newsletter is already a wild success. 

Here we’ll be sharing fun events we’ll be hosting, kicking off with a much requested, floral design class for the ladies – in celebration of Galentine’s Day! (For more info on these Saturday, February 22nd classes CLICK HERE!). 

We’ll also be sharing more of the parties we are producing. From corporate to social to ALL those extra little details that are the hallmark to a CJDE event. 

Thank you for continuing to party with us, my friends. I can’t wait to continue to raise a glass and cheers to You.



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Photo Credit: Brittany Bekas Photography

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