“Nothing is interesting unless it is personal.”

Billy Baldwin

These words bounced off the page as I flipped through my spring issue of Veranda magazine. This issue, deemed the “Designers at Home; Living With Passion & Panache”, felt like a calling. 

Interiors and Travel have always been at the cornerstone of my event design’s inspiration. Home is where the heart is; it is where we start and end each day and where we live and celebrate the beautiful “in between” moments of everyday life.

It is a true gift that I have built a career on putting life’s premier moments on center stage. When I read up on American decorator Billy Baldwin, I felt my head continuously nodding in agreement when phrases like “the most compelling interiors are filled with stamps of their owners’ personalities”. 

We fill our homes and our daily lives with trophies representing memories. Through design we can evoke emotions of family, love, togetherness and inspiration. All while accomplishing overflowing feelings of comfort, functionality and style. 

When thinking of your own Wedding’s design, I genuinely encourage you to start by sitting with your partner in your favorite room of your home. Fill two glasses with the ‘tail of your choice, and look around.

What colors jump out at you; how do they make you feel? What art pieces are your favorite and why? What framed photos pull at your heart strings; are they of you smiling during your favorite vacation? Are they of a loved one you may not be able to see today but feel in your heart always? 

If the interior design of your home doesn’t spark inspiration, 1) get SO excited for your Wedding Registry and 2) walk over to your closet. What ensemble would you create that makes you feel like the total smoke show that you are? Are you a shoe guy, a minimalist or maximalist when you accessorize? 

What is your go-to outfit for a date night with your beau? 

Your Wedding is the ultimate day and engagement-long period of time that should be so uniquely yours because THAT is interesting. That is your personal love story. 

And if you’re nodding your head just like I was to Baldwin’s life mantra, I can’t wait to meet (drop me a line at christine@christinejanda.com!) to help write your very own Wedding Design story. 


Photography: Olivia Leigh Photography

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