I can’t believe it. And just like that, my beautiful business is celebrating 3 strong years.

It’s hard to believe 3 years have flown by but then again, it’s hard to believe we have done so much in our “Toddler” stage of life. Somebody come pinch me, because I know this business of mine feels like a dream…

…and it’s just getting started.

Right off the bat I had family, friends and clients who’s continued outpouring support makes me weepy with love and appreciation. Within 2 months we threw a launch party like no other – held at Creativo Loft, catered (or shall I saw cuisined and schooled!) by Truffleberry Market. As always, with my dear friend and paper design genius, Lindsay Brown of LBrown Design & Paperie right by my side.

2 months after our launch party, I opened up my dream of a storefront on Damen Avenue. She’s a beaut and recently went under a gorgeous redesign. It’s where I sip on tea daily with the best team in town getting things planned, designed and floraled. AND where I sip on champagne with my clients as we plan each of their celebrations.

This studio launch party felt personal. It felt like I was welcoming guests into my home that I worked so hard to build. I remember it vividly, to my surprise, that cold wintry night, EVERYONE came out. Clients, vendor friends, family and friends. We fogged the cold windows with a full house while everyone cocktailed until the wee late hours of the night.

When CJDE turned two, we threw a summer party to celebrate sweet summertime with our beloved clients. With Averyhouse by our side, I knew the photos would be pure magic. It couldn’t have been a happier event. Because I mean, it was a pineapple party!

Flash forward to today, 3 precious humbling, trying, rewarding, growing, risk-taking and most importantly, loving years. We have thrown double-wedding celebrations for 800. Built red carpets and step & repeats over 100′ in length, exploding with search lights. Grown from a team of 5 to over 15. Floral designed 100’s of wedding bouquets, strengthening our design aesthetic with ever last bud.

We’ve recreated the Kentucky Derby winning circle down to the winning horse and rose garland. Traveled, planned, designed and floraled for the best clients in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, California and Texas.

And of course, all over sweet home Chicago.

It is with this growth, this love for personal celebrations, this constant drive to learn, give and be more, that I am so proud to celebrate 3 strong years with all of you. With a fresh new CJDE look. (Guys, it has been in the making and I’m giddy with excitement to share it all with you!)

New logo, new website, same Girl Boss. Now with a stronger team than ever, who can’t wait to share what exciting changes and growth we have next.


The sincerest thank you to my friendors for making these celebrations happen!

Launch Party: Creativo Loft, Truffleberry Market, LBrown Design & Paperie, Averyhouse, Modern Event Rental, Modern Luxury Weddings, Nimble Well, Tablescapes & BBJ, Brittany Bekas Photography

Design Studio Launch Party: Paramount Events, LBrown Design & Paperie, Becky Brown Photography, Modern Event Rental, Modern Luxury Weddings, Nimble Well, Tablescapes & BBJ

Pineapple Party: Paramount Events, LBrown Design & Paperie, Averyhouse, Modern Event Rental, Modern Luxury Weddings, Nimble Well, Tablescapes, BBJ, Amy Beck Cake Design

Photography Credit: Aimee Mazzenga

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