A little over 2 years ago, I caught on Instagram that Mindy Rice was going to be attending a luxury wedding planning conference called Blissed & Bespoke. Right then and there, I decided I was meant to go and took her speaking as a huge sign from the flower goddesses.

A sign such a beautiful planning conference could merge my love for flower design in an immersive way.

Brought to life by my flower icon, are you kiddingggg me?! Off to Charleston I went.

This conference filled me up. I met inspirational women who are such talents and encouragements. And then I met Mindy; as beautiful, bubbly, warm and gorgeous as her designs and an immediate fondness and friendship bloomed.

2 years later we have kept in touch from Chicago to Cali. I have ooooooo’d and aaaaaaah’d from afar and alas, today we will be reunited! In breathlessly beautiful Jackson Hole.

Mindy, I can’t wait to lend my flower loving hands to you this week. It’s truly such an honor.

“Reunited and it feels SoooOoooOo good!” Still my song choice of the month.

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography 

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