Happy Anniversary / Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby Day to US!

On May 5th my beloved business turned 4 years old. That’s right; we ain’t no baby anymore! We’ve moved on to our “toddler” years. With the same fearless spirit of a 4 year old. We’ve got nothing but pure joy and eagerness…

To get. after. EVERYTHING.

As I share this love note to you all, there is such pride in these words. With a fearless and talented team by my side we’ve accomplished more in 4 short years than I could ever have imagined. With balance, grace, love and determination.

Balance. Grace. Love. Determination. 4 core values I’ve built into the foundation of what is Christine Janda Design and Events. And after 4 years, now inching towards year 5, you better believe “Talent” is at the top of our ever growing list.

Because friends…boy do we have a season of BEAUTY about to come to life! And Colleen, my Chitown Lbrown Lindsay, Chris, Sarah, Amy, Tony, Tom, Jon, Albert…and so many more brains of brilliance are ready.




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