Yesterday the team and I had one of those brainstorms where we were getting so excited, we started to finish each other’s sentences. 

As we reflected on the last 4 months we realized we did it. We weathered the (continued) COVID-19 storm for not only ourselves and our business, but for our Clients. Event Planning in a time you can’t truly “plan” is difficult to say the least.

Stressful? Yes, that too. We felt it in our Client’s voices, saw it in their Zoom meeting faces. 

But we did it. And will continue to weather this awful weather that is COVID because it’s a storm that hasn’t passed. 

Yet summer is here and for any Chicagoan, sigh…. We deserve this sunshine! And all the popsicles, alfresco dining, pool hangs, bbq’s, cocktails – even if from a safe distance in smaller numbers. 

As we continue to plan the new “Micro Weddings” and summer & fall soirees of 2020, we are keeping in close contact with industry leaders across all party mediums to ensure we’re doing so safely. Correctly. 

It is an overwhelming time for all. For an overwhelming amount of reasons. 

Now more than ever, making space and time to cherish your loved ones in ANY number of ways, is more important than ever. 

You only need to focus on your family. Your friends. Your health and safety, without downplaying or missing a single milestone moment. 

We are helping our Clients with the rest.

As far as all this “pivoting” you hear happening, my team is prepared to pivot, swirl, dip – we are literally pirouetting our way through the new rules and regulations with the same grace and attention to detail.

Here is how we are working with our Clients:

1 – Zoom / Virtual

Let the CJDE Team mail or hand deliver your virtual party kit, filled with party essentials. From customizable themes to uniquely you occasions, we’ve had so much fun with these (and have more to share – soon!!) 

2 – Drive-By Parties

Birthdays, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Graduations – so many reasons to swing on by, still celebrating while keeping everyone at a safe distance. 

3 – Intimate Gatherings

From dinner parties, backyard BBQ’s, Micro Weddings, Elopements – CJDE has always excelled at this style of party. It’s why our larger “normal” events have so much detail and soul. (And why we are so pumped to work through so many of these with you in the months to come!)  

Can’t wait to start partying with You.



Are you ready to get your people together for a Summer Party? For Inspiration check out a few favorite parties HERE!

And let thy dinner party be thy guide – I LOVED the happiness, intimacy and beauty that poured out of these parties HERE!


Photo Credit in order of appearance: Becky Brown Photography, Kent Drake Photography, Hunter Ryan Photography 

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