Summer is the best. The season just says FUN in all the ways. For every pool, popsicle, alfresco dinner, drive-in movie, outdoor concert or star-filled night, there’s an excuse to celebrate. 

Summer 2020 definitely looks different yet there are still SO many ways to get outside and celebrate the season. Below are a few favorites while sharing how we’re Zoom’ing, Drive-by ‘ing and helping our Clients gather with their smaller list of friends and family. 


What I love about all of these ideas is they can be adapted to be mailed OR Hand-delivered locally to the Chicagoland area by our team. Often our Clients do a hybrid, having us work with our catering, entertainment and CJDE design team to help “bring this to life” further. Options are endless, based on you and your guest’s comfort level (and zip code!).

Flower Arranging Class

  • Friends across the city / country? We package up everything you need to design a gorgeous centerpiece at home. Along with a shopping list of easy to find flowers at any grocery store (Whole Foods & Trader Joes are my favorites!)
  • Chicagoland Friends lucky you, we bundle up the prettiest buds for everyone to receive on their doorstep, contact free.
  • Outdoor Class! We are hosting a class in our Client’s backyard this summer! We bring everything to setup the soiree. Tools and all!
  • BOTH! Make it a live virtual class, with a tutorial by my team and I. Bonus – you’ll learn how to “flex” a rose, just like the below!

Pineapple Party!

We send you and your guests treats, entertainment, something to sip on – even DIY decor for you to setup yourself!

(Plus who doesn’t want to make this pineapple pal…)


Our recipe for the perfect drive-by party is as follows:

  1. Guests receive an invite + swag to wear and bring along!
  2. A photo opp! For the celebrated to stand proudly by and to take photos with their family & friends.
  3. A treat! A slushy, popsicle, your favorite food truck with to-go items.


Putting a pause on all of the beautiful things we’re doing for weddings (we have an entirely separate post and “mantra” for this extra special celebration!) From graduation parties to pool parties, birthdays – below are just a few of our favorites that keep staff count down (so your numbers can go towards your guests) and allow for an array of involvement from our team.

Kid Birthday Party

Simple & Sweet was how we created this Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party. With easy to setup decor to still customize details, hand made cookie favors by Amy Beck Cake Design, a bouncy house with distanced tables outside for the adults – and a sweet custom Elmo “1” shirt for our birthday boy.


Keeping numbers small while allowing plenty of space for comfortable, more distanced gatherings is essential. An open-air tent is PERFECT for this.

Looking to throw a dinner party Al Fresco style? Our favorites shared here!



Photo credit in order of appearance: Brittany Brown Photography, Hunter Ryan Photography, Kent Drake Photography, Momoko Fritz Photography, Collin Pierson Photography, Hunter Ryan Photography 

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