If you haven’t yet properly celebrated your engagement, get on it! There are numerous honeymoon phases of wedding planning (if you make them a priority and gift yourself this time, of course). Live in each moment and savor them all, because you never want to look back on all the lead up to your big day and feel it was a blur—that happens enough on the wedding day itself! 

If you have popped champagne and shown off your new bling to anyone and everyone with eyeballs, you may proceed with our first two questions, with the remainder coming your way next week in Part II. 😉 

Like any big decision, there are rational and emotional variables that come into play. Your wedding is no different; for the rest of this post I want you to think about your wedding as one of the largest investments you will make in your life because…surprise - it is!

When will you ever have this many of your favorite people together in one room? 

Have you or will you throw a “dinner party” of this size and magnitude ever again? 

Now that I’ve gotten your attention (and perhaps hit you with a healthy dose of reality, all in good fun!), if you haven’t yet started with the orientation questions to discuss with your fiancé — and that’s what we’ll call them, because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re doing! Getting acquainted with this whole wedding planning process, what EACH of you wants and needs out of your wedding day, and then digging deep to make as much of it happen, as possible — then start HERE. 

First, though - Dream BIG: Live in the romance and fantasy you’ve looked forward to ever since you knew they were the one. And then return here to discuss the following with your future husband or wife. If it feels awkward or weird to get into the tough stuff right away, then take some time to answer these questions individually and then come together to show and tell!

OH! And also, a favorite beverage and/or dessert always helps take the edge off!

Question: Who will be paying for the wedding? 

Follow-up Question: And pending who will be paying for the wedding, what does that then mean in terms of their overall involvement? How will you approach them and will you discuss the question together or as a couple? Will the wedding investor (i.e. the parents) be a silent investor or an active business partner? 

CJE Tip: Start by asking yourself and your partner What is the perfect scenario for your wedding and your happiness”? Money has and always will bring up the HARD & tricky-to-navigate conversations, and when the emotionality of a wedding is concerned, the stakes and the tensions are even higher.

We’ll share more on this in our future Budget blog post. Get ready! 

Question: Who is responsible for what? 

Follow-up Question: Who has time and actually wants to do what? 

CJE Tip: Look at your work schedules, obligations, and upcoming trips. Of the free time remaining, how much of it do you want to spend wedding planning? What are your strengths and what would you truly enjoy doing? Now is the time to start contemplating a Wedding Fairy Godmother (I mean Wedding Planner!). 

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