Hello all of you new fiancés! I bet scrolling through your social media is a whole lot more fun with that little something SPARKLY on your hand. 💍

It’s been so much fun getting to meet all of our newly engaged couples! Your engagement stories and what makes you two “You Two” are all unique. However I’ve noticed a lot of repetition in these initial Client meetings this year (and over the 10 years at CJDE). 

  • You are excited yet overwhelmed. 
  • You know (some) of what you want in at your Wedding experience yet don’t know where to start. 
  • You know what’s important to you yet you’re learning those priorities may not be the same as your partner or family. 
  • You know Pinterest and Instagram are pretty yet you are already fatigued of the rabbit hole google search. 
  • You appreciate “advice” from your friend who got married last year yet unsolicited advice is welp. Unsolicited. 
  • You want to enjoy the Wedding Weekend yet are unclear how to enjoy the Wedding Planning.

There are an array of “What to do after getting engaged” articles out there (I do like this one by BRIDES)! They are great to pursue to get a general outline of what’s to come. 

I want to share a different perspective. One of a Wedding Planner who planned and designed over 100 weddings prior to her own 2022 nuptials. (Now that’s a statement I know you don’t hear every day: I planned 100’s of weddings before my OWN!). 

I want my clear “Hindsight is 2020” vision of lessons I learned as a bride to be available to not only my current Clients, but to the couples I have not or may not meet. 

I want to propose questions for you to ask one another AND answer questions you have for me. 

Whether you got engaged over the holidays or summer. Whether you are getting married at a vineyard or historic hotel for 75 or 300 guests. 

I hope you can learn from a Wedding Planner’s very own wedding as we share each week on Thursday, a new lesson chock full with thought starters and perspective for you and your fiancé. Purposefully created to work in tandem with all of you gorgeous new 2024 and 2025 fiancés! 

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