One Year Anniversary - Part I: The Wife 

365 days later, it is my first wedding anniversary with Brent. When I look back at our Wedding Day a rush of emotions and perspectives come flooding in. Today’s words are from one perspective only; I lay my professional entrepreneur, boss and wedding planner hat down. I’m also putting down my Bride hat and want to reflect on what was most important to me on 11/12/22;

As Christine, the Wife. The Partner. 

Our Marriage. 

This is my one year in the making, love letter to my life partner (in 1001 ways) Brent Corbin Edelcup. 

I am so honored to be able to write many more “in between” chapters with you. 

Vows from 11/12/22: 

YOU are the love of my life. Right about now is where people would say they can’t believe they are here. Underneath this chuppah, surrounded by those they love most. 

However, we always knew we would. Our connection was instant and although I locked eyes on you first, you have made me feel like you have never taken yours off of me for one second since November 24th, 2019. 

As we inch towards 4 years of being together, our first year of marriage was filled to the brim with milestones. It’s equal parts shocking and equal parts us that we did all of this in one year…

You sold your pharmacy to pursue our dreams of expansion as business partners. We honeymooned in Brazil, birthday’d in Vegas, bought a building for CJDE to call home, moved homes and did our first Bachelorette wedding! 

Two more vows to add after my first year of marriage learnings:

To reflect first and react second. I’ve never had a true partner, personally or professionally, before you. I now understand what it’s like to truly depend and lean on someone. 

To never stop living in the “4th date” we lovingly call it. I promise to never stop surprising you or creating date nights; you told in your vows the giggling with me will never stop (and my butterflies for you won’t either). 


My last vow to you Brenty, is short and simple. I vow to love you. To give you my whole heart as your wife. To build a partnership filled with stability and surprise, comfort and growth. Dancing and laughter. 

Let’s gooooooooooooo. 

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