Finding Your Wedding Planner- What do they do and how can they help me? 

(If you missed any of these important steps, please go back to our recent blog posts to get up to speed!)

These crucial steps should have you feeling like you’ve laid the foundation down on the gorgeous, multi-floor, sparkling skyscraper that’s to become your Wedding. 

Now, if you’re like 99.9% of people, including me, who planned a whopping 100+ weddings prior to my own, you are realizing it is time to get some help. I was fortunate enough to have an obvious go-to as my wedding planner (Katy!). But if you haven’t yet had the stark realization that additional help would be 🙌 🙌 🙌, here are some questions to ask yourselves (and to answer honestly, of course):

Does this sound like you? 

Work is crazy. Perhaps you’re in your residency and working night shifts on the regular? You are fueled by coffee. You travel all the time, watching both your miles and your inbox stack up, skyhigh. You’re excitedly house hunting, and sending your fiancé Zillow listings all day long.  

Here’s what I learned: 

Life doesn’t slow down just because you’re engaged. If anything, it speeds up (in the best way possible) as you continue cementing your new family. Brent and I knew we wanted a beautiful wedding, yet we knew the two businesses we ran still had to be our #1 priorities. We knew we had other career and life goals outside of this wedding, and we didn’t want to put a pin in that growth and evolution in order to throw an epic “Edelcup & Co.” celebration (our epic hashtag and domain we still own!). 

Does this sound like you?

You’re the planner for your family and friends. You make the dinner reservations and plan the vacations. Alternately, you’re indecisive and need the support and guidance of someone you trust? The most likely scenario? You are a person who knows what they want,but need someone else to do the leg work, because #lifeisstillhappening, a la question 1! 

Here’s what  I learned: 

I wanted nothing more than to be present and in the moment while we were planning our wedding day and into the day itself. Enjoying being the BRIDE and the GROOM was important to me and Brent, and we didn’t want to blink and wake up married without fully savoring each day as fiancés. It’s easy to be too close to decisions when they are about your very own wedding — so, for us, we needed someone to ask us the tough questions and guide us with their expert opinion(s).

Does this sound like you?

You know what you don’t want, but don’t have the energy nor the bandwidth to Google and email 10+ venues to see if they are available. Conversely, maybe you’re a natural-born follower and love ticking things off a  to-do list, but you know you need someone to create these templates and checkpoints for you — point blank, you need to be told what to do and when to do it. Or maybe you’re adamant about what you like and what you don’t, you have the Pinterest boards to back up your preferences and aesthetics, but you have literally no clue how to piece it all together. 

Here’s what I learned:

Just because you know how to cook tacos on a Tuesday night, doesn’t mean you want to cook a 4-course meal for your friends when there is something special to celebrate. You turn to a chef at your favorite restaurant! Let’s be honest, I knew how to plan a wedding, but I was way too close to what goes on “behind the curtain,” so to speak. Had I not turned to Katy and Giora from my team, nobody would have challenged me to dream up bigger, different, or more creative ideas — I would have been robbing myself of what I deserved as a Bride.  

Does this sound like you?

You want an epic bar, a jam-packed dance floor, and a venue that allows you to swiftly move from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. You want your wedding to have a mood, a FEELING, a je ne sais quoi that your friends and family couldn’t possibly expect from another couple. You also want the very best glam squad in town and an after party that starts  with karaoke and ends with late-night sips and bites (for guests to enjoy on their trip home, of course!). 

Here’s what I learned: 

It’s all important, but not everything can rank in your top three. You have to land on 3 “no-ifs-ands-or-buts” priorities. I will say this time and time again. Share these with the planners you are interviewing, and see what they can bring to the table. You don’t just want them to meet your needs, you want them to see them and then raise you a whole lot more in surprise and delight factor.

Does this sound like you? 

You’re  (gulp) dreading Wedding Planning, because your friends have filled your heads with some horror stories of what can go down when you’re architecting your best day ever. 

You’re so busy with work and life that you aren’t sure how you can possibly  squeeze in wedding planning as a side hustle. 

You’re overwhelmed, simple as that. You aren’t really sure where to start, so… you… don't? 

Here’s what I learned: 

Everything above-and-beyond amazing in life came from putting in the work. If it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying.  Not all work is created equal, though.  I knew what I wanted to be involved with and what I didn’t and communicated this to my planner. It’s of paramount importance to level with yourselves — understand your workloads, your limitations, and your superpowers (yours and your fiancé’s, because team work makes the dream work, right?!).  As soon as you can manage those expectations, you can start delegating the rest to make sure your wedding planning year is the BEST it can be — who says planning and pre-wedding festivities can’t be just as much fun as the party itself? 

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