I am going to take the liberty of assuming that the few wedding planners you have chosen to reach out to and speak with are ones you’ve received by way of trusted referrals OR that you’ve read authentic, fabulous reviews on from former or soon-to-be-marrying couples. 

Anyone who you’re considering should have an established business with a solid online and social media presence, along with countless references from venues and fellow vendors you’re interviewing alongside them or are already working with.

But as a professional Wedding Planner who worked with a phenomenal Wedding Planner (Katy + co, really) when I was getting married, I’ve come up with a legit list of best questions to guide you through the ‘vibe check.’ These are the seven questions I would ask potential Wedding Planners during our first call or when they were scheduling time for a proposal review. They will help you get into the nitty-gritty nuances of working collaboratively with a team of experts who have done this countless times before. It’s your first time planning this best day ever, but this isn’t their first rodeo. So, as much as you want to get a strong sense for their professional chops, you also want to make sure your personalities gel well. 

These are the questions that’ll help you find your perfect match! 

  1. Can you describe your ideal client? 
  2. How does your company approach wedding design?
  3. XYZ are the most important elements of the day to me and my fiancé. How can you help us with this? 
  4. If we work together, can you outline our immediate next steps? 
  5. Can you share a recent wedding you are particularly proud of (and why?!)
  6. How many clients a year will my wedding planner be managing? 
  7. Do you have an office that we can meet in-person at or are the majority of our “touch-bases” happening over Zoom or Google meets? In the same vein, will my planner have support staff? Will we be working with more than one person? 

Pro tip: Ask open ended questions, let the conversation flow, and speak to your planner in a similar manner to how you’d like to work! 

Are you someone who loves an agenda ahead of formal meetings, so that you can get on a call, tick through each touch point with efficiency, and then get out? 

Are you more of a talker and relationship builder? Do you need to get a character read on your planner before you can truly connect with them? 

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