Or, better yet, my fiancés out there who need to show their partner this post in order to remind them they still have important to-dos to get done. If that’s you, don’t worry, go ahead and show your boo the below. You have our permission to do a little “bumping this to the top of your inbox” micromanaging 😉.

Truthfully, even though I knew how to plan a wedding as a Wedding Planner frontwards and backwards throughout our engagement, the below on-our-plate action items really did add up for me and Brent. Spreading them out throughout the year was a big help, because it kept things productive and fun, and never overwhelmed or popped our little getting-married bliss bubble. It also forced us to have continuous touch bases with each other throughout our engagement season, so we always felt connected and on the same page. 

  • Collecting guest addresses: Create a Postable link friends! It’s the easiest way to mass email or text your friends and family to gain their current mailing address (and email addresses!). 
  • Formatting things correctly the first time (we promise, this will save you SO much time in the long run): Ave is Avenue, St is Street. Do not use nicknames for your guest list (unless you want them printed on your envelopes as so!) and clearly spell out significant others.
  • Add columns for guest count: Your planner doesn’t know how many people are in “The Smith Family.” Numerically, write this out because Excel formulas are LIFE, and this will ultimately greatly help your planner and caterer when tallying up those final guest counts.
  • Ask your wedding party: Determine VIP roles like Maid of Honor or Best Man (sharing with them any expectations you have i.e. planning the bachelor or bachelorette party). 
  • Book the church or temple: If you’ll be having your ceremony in a place of worship, this is one vendor category where they will only want to speak with you (and your partner), and not your planner. Schedule your necessary pre-marital counseling and other prerequisite classes and meetings. 
  • Think about the “entourages” you’ll want along for the rides/big pre-wedding events:! Who you want by your side when you’re wedding dress shopping may be totally different than who will or who you want to be planning your wedding shower. Have these discussions with your family and friends to start putting these VIP dates and appointments on your busy calendar. 
  • Wedding fashion & beauty: Your Wedding Planner or Dresser can help you with this; however, only you know your own personal style. Or perhaps this is something you want to explore further? 
  • Thank you notes, gifts, and other acts of gratitude: Brent and I wrote handwritten place cards for each and every guest to be placed at their seat. This took time so we started early. What is important to you? You can order wedding party gifts and write thank you notes nice and early. Waiting until the week of your wedding is a recipe for stress, and we never want that!! 
  • Look up! What inspires and excites you? Once you’re engaged, yes, you’ll never be the same wedding guest again (cue the internal lists of likes and dislikes), but aside from obvious do’s and do-not’s - what feels most personal to you? Is it fine dining? Traveling? I’m not telling you to become a detective, but I am telling you to take note of what makes you smile. What has you wanting to return, inspired to keep plugging away at your wedding checklists; what makes you happy?! Inject THAT into your wedding planning journey for a sure-fire way of staying level-set and focused in the best ways! 

Still stuck on your Wedding Budget? We got you! You can register for our Instagram live this Thursday HERE and read about getting this setup in our Part I and Part II blog posts here!

Featured Photographer: Brittany Bekas

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