Sitting at the steps of The Chicago Cultural Center, walking Brent through our Wedding Budget. It was there when we aligned on our priorities. 

The final dance class where we STUCK our dip and aced our first dance! 

The tasting where we invited both sets of parents and had the dinner of a lifetime. 

The 2nd cake tasting where I overdid it on sugar. PSA to even the biggest sweets lovers out there:  Never do two cake tastings in one day, people. Brent only had Sundays open back when we owned the Pharmacy, but even still; nobody should eat that much cake in one day! As I crashed, he laughed, but it makes us both giggle looking back on it today! 

Our fancy takeout dinner Thursday night in the Airbnb we rented - the perfect just-us-two start to our wedding weekend. That same night, Brent showed me my wedding band for the very first time. 

Here are the prompts we followed to make sure nothing felt like torture or, at the very least, tedium.  

  • Ask how and then who? How would you like to try your wedding menu and how would you like to view your wedding floral sample? Just you two, alone, or with a trusted family member or two? THEN think who. Remember - this is about YOU, my dear people-pleasing (yes I said it! 🤫) bride. It’s your big day first and foremost. 
  • What are your superpowers? Who are your VIPs? Do what you enjoy and are good at doing first! Outsource the rest. You’d be surprised how special you can make coming together with your closest friends to discuss your to-dos and then enlisting backup from your besties.. 
  • When do you need to do what? Your planner didn’t provide that stellar timeline for nothing! Use it. Plan from it and around it. Then take the 1/2 day off of work, the long lunch, the long weekend, and the Sunday off to make it a moment. 
  • Can you make it a date?! We found that if you set “dates” to discuss wedding to-dos, it doesn’t end up consuming your entire existence — creeping into Tuesday night dinner or Sunday R&R time. By deferring wedding responsibilities to certain days, even deeming some of the more active, bonding experiences, like dance class, as “date nights,” everything felt a bit more doable and special. 

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